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Stained Glass
29 August 2009

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River Park Theater
21 August 2009

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Radiation is My Life
12 August 2009

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American Flyer
3 August 2009

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All American Kitsch
28 July 2009

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13 July 2009

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Angel and Bird
19 June 2009

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Lined Up
2 June 2009

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Scarlet Tanager
14 May 2009

Recent Comments

Christine Walsh on Self Portrait
Ah, yes. I have a similar one . I like the cemetery shots you have. Makes me miss IN. I used to live in Rochester ...

Abraham Lincoln on Stained Glass
I had posted a story about reincarnation and learned today you live in the house where the pilot was reborn. I think ...

Mags on Crescent Moon
Classical but nicely done :)

Vachel on Morning Moon
terrific capture with such clarity..

cassiel on Morning Moon
Beautiful shot, the contrast between the blue and the white is liminous

Madrad on Bath Time
Thanks, Jenn.

Jenn on Bath Time
what a sweetheart...nice shot

Sandrine on Waxing Gibbous Moon
Awesome moon shot!

Madrad on Waxing Gibbous Moon
Thanks, Claudia!

Claudia on Waxing Gibbous Moon

Madrad on Full Moon
Thanks! The lens was a Sigma 150-500mm zoom @ 500mm. I guess the EXIF data shows the 35mm equivalent.

jeff (aka dogilicious) on Warbler
Lucky catch. Nice job.

Lee on Warbler
You were very fortunate. Another great shot.

ishm on Full Moon
Cool shot! 750mm(35mm equiv)?

Lee on Palm Warbler
Great shot.

Dan on Sunset, Lake Michigan
Wow, this is beautiful!!

cassiel on Full Moon

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